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Mua Thu La Bay

Mua Thu La Bay


Van Lau:
an artist who was sent to Taiwan from his dad to continue his education. His dad asked his friends the Duongs to take care of Van Lau. While staying at the Duongs, he had then found out he was in love with their daughter, Han Ni. But because of problems, he came back to found out that his lover had died. Because of her death, he was not able to open up until he found out more than he needed about the mysteries between his family, the Duongs and his lover. ( was only 20 years old)

Han Ni:
is a weak, gentle daughter of the Duongs. She loves to play instrument (dan) and sing songs. When she first met Van Lau, she had feelings for him, but there were some hardships between their love. Han Ni is a very weak person because of birth, she needed a new heart in order to survive, but medication back then, wasn't very successful. She then later die, leaving Van Lau with memories and sorrows. (18 years old)

Tieu My:
is a person that looks exactly like Han Ni. She works as a singer in Phong Tra at Thanh Van. She also like to dan too. Her father is a music writer. When she first met Van Lau, she thinks that he was crazy, but still invite him to Thanh Van to meet her. As the time goes by, she finally found out, that she had feelings for him. (last name:

Thuy Vi:
is a person that comes to the Duong family to cheer Han Ni up. And also because her dad doesn't let her go to school, so she stay there. First time seeing Van Lau, she was his tour-guide traveling around Taiwan. Both Han Ni and Tieu My thinks that Thuy Vi makes a great couple with Van Lau, without their appearances. Thuy Vi is a neice of Ba Duong.

Ba Duong:

is Han Ni's mother. She cares about Han Ni and later finally accept Han Ni and Van Lau's love for each other, but it was too late. About the past, she used to be Van Lau's father's finance, but later fell in love with Van Lau's father's friend, Ong Duong. Ba Duong was being cursed by Van Lau's grandmother that she will never be able to born babies. After three tries, she was being told never to have any more babies, but then there was a family with twins, the mother had died, but she had born out two girls, one was healthy and the other was weak. The family was poor, so the Duongs decided to adopt the weaker baby and named her Han Ni.

Ong Duong:
is Han Ni's father, also Van Lau's father's friend. He married his friend's finance and have never kept in contact with him, until their son Van Lau was to come to Taiwan and continue his studies.

Ong Man:
is Van Lau's father. He is very stubborn and still kept his past within him, so he doesn't let Van Lau marry Han Ni because of that and her sickness. He also even doesn't want Van Lau to marry a singer (Tieu My), but at the end he accepted their marriage.

Van Nhi:
is Van Lau's little sister. She was the one that wrote letters telling Van Lau to hurry back to Huong Canh because of his mom. Later on, Van Nhi lives with Van Lau and Tieu My to continue her studies.

Ong Khiem:
is Tieu My's father. He is a song writer, but then stop bacause of his wife's death and the lost of his one daughter.(Han Ni) Then he start drinking alcohol and getting drunk whenever he comes home.

Ong Hinh:
is a boss of a rich company, he came to Tieu My's work to ask her to go and have fun(spending time with him) Ong Hinh only thinks Tieu My as his daughter only and doesn't have any other thoughts. He wanted to help Tieu My, but she refused his offer and didn't accept his money, even how poor she was. Ong Hinh was also the one who told Van Lau that Tieu My really care about him and he shouldn't let her down. As and all he is like their matchmaker.

is a puppy dog that Van Lau gave to Han Ni.

Co Lan:
is a houseworker in the Duong's family

Bac Si Ly:
is a doctor that watch over Han Ni.

My Tuyen:
is a girl that was chosen for Van Lau to marry after his returns.

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