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Summary | Parts from the story
Mua Thu La Bay

Summary in Chapters

Chapter 1:
Van Lau walked through the street in the rain, holding a beer, all drunken. Remembering about his lover, Han Ni, who had just died. People raced after him, anh he ran into a dead end. He stood on the wall, wondering where his lover is.

Chapter 2:
The year 1963, Van Lau was to go to Taiwan to continue his studies. After all the tears and worries of his parents, he set off. Once he came to Taiwan, his father's friend, Ong Duong came to pick him up. Van Lau was very amazed at the landscapes of Taiwan, and the Duong relationship with each other was differ than his. He went upstairs took a nap and wondered who is this Han Ni?

Chapter 3:
Van Lau is being called at the dinner table. And there was a new guest, Thuy Vi. Van Lau thought at first she was Han Ni. Discussion about Thuy Vi being a guide-tourist for Van Lau through Taiwan. When he start talking about Han Ni, everyone felt uncomfortable. And Van Lau wonders why?

Chapter 4:
Van Lau can not go to sleep and then there was some music downstairs, so he decided to check it out. He founded out that there was a girl playing dda`n and she was Han Ni. They got aquintated, founded out Han Ni had a sickness. Ba Duong came downstairs and saw that Van Lau and Han Ni was talking, told them to go to sleep.

Chapter 5:
Van Lau went on a tour around Taiwan with Thuy Vi. Van Lau then founded out more about Han Ni. Like she always stay in the house. So, Van Lau decided to hurry back to the Duongs to see Han Ni. Once see Han NI they started a conversation, and Han Ni started to dan and sing.

Chapter 6:
Ba Duong was very worry about the relation between Van Lau and Han Ni, so she decided to come to Van Lau's room at night to talk to him. She told him what Han Ni's sickness was all about and how dangerous it was. She was hoping that Van Lau would stop seeing Han Ni to not make hr more in danger.

Chapter 7:
Van Lau is now going to school early and come home during nighttime. One day he came home and founded that Han Ni was waiting for him. Han Ni thought that Van Lau doesn't like her and that he like Thuy Vi now. She got jealous. Promise to Han Ni that he would go no where tomorrow, but Ong Duong told Van Lau to explore. He finally decided to stay home. Ba Duong worry about the predestined.

Chapter 8:
Han Ni found out that Van Lau is not going back to Huong Canh, she got so excited that she fainted, the doctor said, that shouldn't happen again to created more trouble for her.

Chapter 9:
Bac Duong asked Van Lau if he really like Han Ni and would wait for her no matter what. They decided to give up and let Van Lau do anything he want, but he need to write to his parents if they accept his love between Han Ni and himself.

Chapter 10:
Van Lau gaved a dog to Han Ni as a present. She named it Khiet. And the puppy really like Han Ni and would follow her every step.

Chapter 11:
Han Ni pay a visit to Van Laus room to clean up, so she could prove to be a good housewife. Van Lau went to work and told her, he will come home late. Han Ni heard her parents conversation on Van Laus parents not accepting the love between them.

Chapter 12:
Van Lau went to the doctor to ask what is wrong with Han Nis sickness. The doctor says that there wont be any cure to her sickness and she wont live any longer. Han Ni told Van Lau what she had heard from her parents, and she was right. Van Laus did receive a letter from his dad with much blame on Van Lau. Told Van Lau to dump Han NI, but he didnt have the guts to do it.

Chapter 13:
Thuy Vi asks Van Lau to decorate for the holiday at her place. So, he left Han Ni at home. When Nan NI saw her mom, ask her about her sickness and then she wanted to go to sleep because her mother wont tell her the truth. Ba Duong was worry because she doesnt want to lose her daughter.

Chapter 14:
Van Lau and Han Ni went out of the house to tour around. They came upon a beach and lay there. When Han Ni told Van Lau about a bag of water in his hand could disappear any time, and not to be sad of the lost because there would be many other bags of water that could replace the one forgotten.

Chapter 15:
Van Lau received more letters from his dad, telling him to come home quickly. The Duongs also told that him that, parents are more than anything is and he should come home. Van Lau got angry and say he didnt want to go. Bac Duong told him about their relation with his father.

Chapter 16:
Later there was a message that say that Van Laus mother was sick and wants to see him. The day he was about to leave, Han Ni founded the message and went looking for Van Lau. She told Van Lau that he had always lied to her, after that, she fainted and rolled down the stairs. The Duongs quickly rushed Van Lau to the taxi and drove him off to the planes driveway. (Didnt want Van Lau to know that Han Ni is dead.)

Chapter 17:
Van Nhi was waiting for Van Lau and together went on the plane to Huong Canh. When he came home, he founded out it was all just a trick to get him away from his lover. He wasnt to leave Huong Canh anymore, but his mom help set up for the tickets and all. Once came to Taiwan, he was told that Han Ni was dead. He didnt want to accept it, so he ran upstairs looking for her and downstairs then ran outside in the rain. He didnt want to admit that she was gone forever. Which brings us back to the beginning of the book, chapter one. Ok, lets continue

Chapter 18:
One year had passed and Van Lau hadnt ever pay a visit to the Duongs. Van Lau live in a small house and all around fill with Han Nis pictures. Thuy Vi pay a visit to Van Lau and told him to pay a visit to the Duongs because they really missed him.

Chapter 19:
So, Van Lau decided to pay a visit to the Duongs house, but on the way, he decided to buy coffee for Ba Duong. When he was buying coffee, there was a girl that looks exactly like Han Ni. So, Van Lau ran after her and kept following her. She got mad and told Van Lau if he wants to see her, then try to met her at Thanh Van. After telling what he saw that morning to the Duongs, they all thought that he needs to talk to the doctor, which means that they think that he is crazy. But after understanding about the girl he saw that day wasnt Han Ni, he was disappointed.

Chapter 20:
Van Lau came to Thanh Van and founded out that, that girl was Tieu My, a singer. He went in and heard Tieu My singing, he thinks that her singing was wonderful, while others didnt. They both came to a café and talked. He asked Tieu My a lot of questions and also ask her to met him here tomorrow and on time.

Chapter 21:
Van Lau came to the café early and holding some drawings along with him. He show it to Tieu My, and she explain that she is totally unlike the person in the picture (Han Ni) She start telling him about her life and later say good bye to Van Lau.

Chapter 22:
Tieu Mys friend told Tieu My that there is one person who always come when Tieu My is about to sing and leave when she is done singing. The time passed and Tieu My became happy with her singing job because there was someone who enjoy her singing. Then, when she saw her father all drunk and her life as a singer, she became sad.

Chapter 23:
There were a few days that Van Lau didnt come to Thanh Van and he made himself not to go there because there he wouldnt find his old lover Han Ni. But one night he came to Thanh Van and met Tieu My. They both sit in the café and talk about Tieu Mys singing and somehow they were then fighting because of Tieu My looking like Han Ni (jealous) And Van Lau ended the argument by saying that, he will never ever bother Tieu My again!

Chapter 24:
And many days passed Tieu My felt lonely because Van Lau was gone. Then one day there was Ong Hinh. Ong Hinh wanted someone to have fun with him, so he asked Tieu My to go out with him (like father and daughter) One day, Tieu My went to a café place with Ong Hinh, and Van Lau was there too, with Thuy Vi. Van Lau heard rumors that Tieu My is the kind of girls that go out with old people just for money. They both saw each other and try to make each other jealous. Van Lau couldnt believe that Tieu My is that kind of person, so, he ask a waitress to send a harsh note that he wrote to Tieu My. Tieu My got mad and also sad so, she told Ong Hinh about everything between her and Van Lau.

Chapter 25:
Van Lau felt guilty about what he did, so he decided to go back to Thanh Van to hear Tieu My sing for the last time and he would then leave her alone. And Tieu My announced that this will be her last time on stage to sing. When Van Lau heard that he wanted to have a talk with Tieu My. But she told him to leave her alone. So, Van Lau got mad and went out, bang the door, almost his Ong Hinh. And Ong Hinh told Van Lau that Tieu My really likes Van Lau and he shouldnt be mad at her. When he heard that, he made up with Tieu My and together they wondered around.

Chapter 26:
Van Lau took a visit to Tieu Mys house and found out that her life is poor and her father is always drunk. He decided to find a job for Tieu My but first they need to go to some place to eat and also stop by at Van Laus house.

Chapter 27:
Tieu My came to Van Laus house and saw a lot of pictures of Han Ni and got a little jealous. Then Van Lau decided to go to Bac Duong because they might help Tieu My on finding a job. When they went there Ba Duong told them about Tieu My and Han Ni relation (twins) and about why she worries about Han Ni and etc.

Chapter 28:
One day, Bac Duongs pay a visit to Ong Khiems house, Tieu Mys father. And saw that his lifestyle was poor. So, they decided to give Tieu My some money to help. Tieu My didnt want to accept it but Van Lau told her to. Then Van Lau ask Tieu My what to do in their future. Tieu My heard that there was a painting contest, so she stole some of Van Laus painting and entered. Then Ong Duong told Van Lau that his dad is going to pay a visit. Van Lau told Tieu My to go home and at night he will come over.

Chapter 29:
Van Lau is sitting in the Duongs house wondering why his dad have to come here to do what. Is it to go between his love for Tieu My again? Ba Duong then told Van Lau to calm down and told him about his dad and why se shouldnt be mad at him. Van Laus dad, Ong Man came. There was a large argument about Van Lau meeting a singer and that the Duong had made Van Lau gone to many bad places. Van Lau then say that he want to marry Tieu My but his dad say no and if he wont stop contacting the singer, he will stop sending him money and told him never to step into his house ever. Van Lau finally understand that his dad was sending him money for him to work at the company. Later Ong Man finally want to go to a hotel to live in, before he went, Ba Duong told him to not lose his son because in his lifetime he had lose a lot of things.

Chapter 30:
At Tieu Mys house on the same day, her father, Ong Khiem, had a sickness of alcohol and needed to go to the hospital, but have no money to pay for. So, she didnt go. Then someone knocked on the door, Tieu My thought it was Van Lau but for real it was his dad. On Man set out a topic that say, Ok, how much money do you want? Tieu My told him that she doesnt want any money and that singers are just like anyone else, a human. Ong Man then ask her, What about Van Laus future? One day he is going to hate you because he wont be able to find a job. Tieu My answered, as long as Van Lau has his talent he can continue, which doesnt need anyones help. But nobody can always depend on his talents always. But as long as a person has sunlight, water, oxygen, and especially love, doesnt mean he always have to depends on his reputation only. Ong Man suggest a problem I will not give Van Lau any money. Van Lau will never be poor because of his talent, and if he does, Ill be there to help him and together we will faced it. There is nothing to be scare of. And from no where Van Lau came in, hug Tieu My and ask her for marriage. Tieu My say yes and Ong Man was touched by them.

Two years passed

The painting of Nu Cuoi was awarded the most excellent painting and has won a large deal of money
Tieu Mys father was working on a song and asked Tieu My about it. Tieu My then remembered back to the time of the hospital.
Both Tieu My and Van Lau carry her dad to the hospital. Her dad finally give up alcohol and some of his songs was recorded and some was on the radio and on movies. His job as a songwriter was coming back to him again.
Tieu My seem that there was something wrong because everyone asked where is Van Lau? And Thuy Vi and Van Nhi went somewhere and doesnt care about their studies. Van Lau then came in and say no one is hiding anything from you.
Van Lau right now is never a poor guy, instead his is always busy and a person crazy about art. He is also a teacher.
Every painting of him is very expensive even though he is busy, he is still very in good health; grown a bread already.
Tieu My and Van Lau have a little child named Tu Han just 5 months.
Then the doorbell rang and there was Ong Ba Duong, Van Nhi, Thuy Vi, and Ong Ba Man.
Van Nhi moved into here brother and sister-in-laws house to go to school.
Everyone was happy, celebrating the second anniversary of Tieu My and Van Lau.

***Now lets end the story right here and let them continue on with their life. ***

Total pages: 380