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Summary | Parts from the story
Parts from the story
Mua Thu La Bay

Page: 368

(Ong Man)Co^ Tie^?u My, to^i Pha?i ddu*a cho co^ bao nhie^u tie^`n dde^? co^ buo^ng tha tha(`ng La^u to^i?

(Tieu My)Mu.c ddich cu?a ba'c dde^'n dda^y chi? la` the^'?

(Ong Man)Va^ng, To^i bie^'t co^ ddang ca^`n tie^`n.

-The^' ba'c ddi.nh cho cha'o bao nhie^u?

-Tu`y co^, co^ muo^'n bao nhie^u cu*' no'i